iFixit: Good Apple Repair Program for Right to Repair Legislation – Computer – News

A repair program that allows users to replace parts on Apple products themselves will benefit right to repair-legislation. That’s says the iFixit repair site manager in response to Apple’s announcement.

iFixit manager Kyle Wiens said in a video from the repair site that Apple has so far violated Right to Repair legislation, saying it would be dangerous for people to repair their devices themselves. “All reasons for non-enforcement have been largely nullified by this announcement. Apple now says consumers can safely make repairs if they have the right information and the right tools.”

In the United States, 27 out of 50 states enact legislation to allow consumers to repair their own devices. The European Union is also Work on such regulations. Under these rules, manufacturers must sell spare parts and make brochures available.

iFixit sees the new software as a competitor because the site sells parts and tools. The site also thinks it can make its own manuals even better with Apple now making its own repair manuals available.

Apple announced the program on Wednesday. Starting early next year, iPhone 12 or later and M1 Mac users will be able to order original parts and get hardware repair manuals. Apple also says for the first time that it designs repairable devices. Apple has chosen a different design direction in recent years, although reform does not appear to be a major factor.

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