ICT Defenders: ransomware is heading for a national crisis

ICT Defenders: ransomware is heading for a national crisis

Three major cybersecurity companies in the Netherlands are sounding the alarm. More and more companies are being affected by ransomware so they can no longer handle the job. Directors of ICT security officials talk about a national crisis in de Volskrand and call on the government to intervene.

Ronald Prince, co-founder of Hunt & Hackett, is one of the directors who sounds the alarm. “It’s very bad. All three of our companies have to reject customers. Most of these are very large companies that have been disabled due to ransomware. They have no choice but to rebuild their entire ICT. We only see it growing. You see, in the end, there are very few security agencies in the Netherlands to help all victims, and that’s what NCTV is going through. We are heading for a national security crisis because key organizations could be affected as well. ‘

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To encourage

To solve the problem, it is not enough to protect Dutch companies. We need to encourage the attackers from attacking the Netherlands. It was a process that entered the United States. US President Joe Biden has discussed the issue with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The concern now is that the attackers will ignore the United States, but such attacks on Europe will be even more so. So we have to send a signal from Europe too, because we often see attacks coming from Russia. Encouraging this can be done through barriers. ‘

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