IAEA chief visits Iran, hopes to revive nuclear deal

IAEA chief visits Iran, hopes to revive nuclear deal

The head of the International Atomic Energy Agency has arrived in Tehran for talks on Iran’s nuclear program. Rafael Grossi wants to try in the capital to The main deal of 2015 To breathe new life into it.

Grossi hopes that international regulators will regain access to Iran’s nuclear facilities and that his organization may have cameras there as well. The International Atomic Energy Agency also wants clarification on the nuclear materials the nuclear watchdog suspects, but Iran has not given up and the country does not want to answer questions about it.

Negotiators’ optimism

The goal of the 2015 agreement was to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons, something Iranian authorities have always denied. In addition to Iran, it is also signed by the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council (USA, Russia, China, France and the UK) and Germany.

Former US President Trump Withdrew from his country in 2018 of the agreement, after which Iran also signed the agreement canceled† Over the past year, states have negotiated, remotely with the United States, to reactivate the base deal.

European negotiators expressed optimism on Friday. “We are very, very close to an agreement,” the Frenchman said. Philip Errera† Grossi said before leaving that negotiations have entered a critical phase, but a positive outcome is possible.

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