“I received a phone call, I no longer fit into the format.”

“I received a phone call, I no longer fit into the format.”

Former footballer Johan Dirksen must soon stop his radio show on Radio Veronica, the analyst from Today Inside announced in a chat with View news. According to Derksen, the main reason for his departure from the national radio station was that he no longer fit the format.

Derksen prepares his own program every Tuesday through Friday Veronica Radio. Its pre-recorded programs are broadcast between 00:00 and 01:00. This will end within a month Mustache Now he announced himself. And he is not the only one, because singer Danny Vera also had to stop his show on the channel: “We received a phone call: we no longer fit the format. They told Danny, I had some contact with him, that and this may be true for Danny, but I was doing it for free for 25 years,” the former player of Go Ahead Eagles and Haarlem, among others, explains the radio station’s decision.

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Mustache He thinks it would be a shame if singer Vera was replaced by a new show with two friends: “Danny did it with great pleasure, and I also think Danny Vera is a well-known name. But then, there would probably now be such a loud person with two friends.” . “Who laugh at everything, even when there’s nothing to laugh at, and then there’s a newsreader who also acts funny in between. They’re not comedians, they’re silly, contrived jokes that slowly fill my stomach.”

However, popular Today Inside analyst believes Radio Veronica’s decision to cancel its show is defensible: “Maybe they were also right that we don’t fit into that format,” admits the mustachioed radio maker. “And these people also have to make that decision,” he said. Because they will also have to be accountable to the Supervisory Board if they do not have listeners.”

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