I passed Martina for the World Cup, the national coach wants to 'consider the future'

I passed Martina for the World Cup, the national coach wants to ‘consider the future’

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Sprinter Shurandi Martina will not be part of the 4x100m relay team at the World Championships in Athletics in Eugene next month. The 37-year-old, the Dutch 100m record holder, was passed by the distance technical staff.

“Of course Shurandi has the most experience running the relay, but there are more factors involved in the selection,” said national team coach Laurent Mooy.

“Churandy is number seven among the Dutch sprinters this season in terms of time. We are also looking at his load capacity and we have to take into account the future of the relay team.”

There is still a chance in EC

Martina previously announced that he would not start in the individual 100m to be able to focus fully on the relay. This plan can now be put in the trash. It’s also not certain if Martina will debut in both parts during the European Championships in August. “Tickets are still open for the European Championships,” Moyle said.

France Press agency

National coach Laurent Moyle

The men will travel to the United States, where the battle will take place July 15-24, Joris van Goul, Raphael Pogo, Hensley Paulina, Elvis Afriva, Timir Burnett and Xavi Mo Agok.


Martina, a five-time Olympian, recently announced that he does not want to end his career at the moment, and that he even wants to participate in the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris.

Watch reporter Leon Han’s report with Martina below:

Martina goes to the sixth Olympics: ‘I still love sports a lot’

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