"I don't go over my limit anymore"

“I don’t go over my limit anymore”

Yesterday afternoon, eight former internationals were said to have been invited at the Topsportcentrum in Almere, and Nick Grote (33) came on camera to tell us she was enjoying the freedom in her new phase of her life.

The eight were brought to the center of the room one by one after the great victory over Greece (40-11). NHV President Roel Goffin prepared the conversations and had a short time at Groot. The playmaker’s rich career in the past year has many highlights.

“If I have to highlight one, it is to win the Champions League. This has always been a dream,” Groot said after goodbye to the handbalNL.tv camera. With the Hungarian Györ, the blonde managed to win the main European award three times.

Two months to South America
The highlight of her retirement was a two-month trip to South America. Groot tries to enjoy peace and quiet. “This goes with UPS And drop† I have lived under a regimen for a long time. I had to do better Mentality to have. I often encountered myself.”

Groot makes a good impression on camera. She was able to enjoy goodbyes at Almere, which had been delayed by the epidemic. The last time Nord Hollandes wore the national team shirt was at the Games in Tokyo in the summer of 2021. In Japan, the Netherlands is already stranded in the quarter-finals.

Friends for ever
“When I listen to what I’ve achieved, it affects me,” Groot says. “I am so grateful to the people I have met. Some have become lifelong friends. For example, Jesse Kramer and Debbie Punt. I still talk to them.”

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The all-sold arena as in Almera no longer crawls into the Groot. “I don’t go over my limit anymore. Decide for yourself when I start exercising. If I do, I have severe muscle pain,” she concludes with a laugh. “I try to keep up with the sport. I am happy that the girls are persevering and the orange guys are also doing well.”

Photo: Tina Kalthof

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