I didn’t expect AZ to stay so close to West Ham

I didn’t expect AZ to stay so close to West Ham

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A 5 for Matthew Ryan

Not that AZ completely blamed Matthew Ryan for their loss, but the player isn’t great at high balls from the side, which is one of West Ham United’s strong points. This week I wrote: “Don’t be sad about defeat.” I didn’t expect AZ to stay so close to West Ham.

David Moyes was once a good coach, who allowed Wayne Rooney to make his debut at the age of sixteen. Moyes was always a cautious coach, but Rooney’s talent did not allow himself to fall into the trap of conservatism. We owe this part of football history to Moyes. Since his year at Manchester United, Moyes meeting Peter Principal, he has been forever guarded as a survival mechanism.

It was only when Declan Rice began meddling in the football at West Ham on Thursday — whether or not at the direction of Moyes, who might have preferred to keep him at the back — that the vulnerability of Arizona guard Ryan became apparent. What did Hobie Verhulst actually do? I may not have seen enough AZ to be able to judge a goalie problem, but this Ryan will certainly be pressured back into the home game once corners explode or free kicks come at him like fireworks. If your nerves make you miss an opponent’s nose for the ball, you may need to practice your angles.

I read that Cillessen went to the club on his day off after his big mistake to get extra training. He’s a great example of Ryan, who I think will be jumping for high balls all week, from 10 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon. The reporter called Antonio “Clinky” and “Woody”. Perhaps he is, but above all, Antonio is dangerous. He scored six goals and two assists in seven games this conference league. Useful teaching materials for Biokema and Hatzidiakos? AZ is not without chance, although the probability factor in that compound word is not very large.

Matthew Ryan.ANP image

No. 8 by Jean-Michel Aulas

Aulas, the former president of Olympique Lyonnais, received 10 million euros from the American owner when he left this week, as well as a box on the field that he made himself and a car. In three months they will buy a few more shares from him for 14.5 million. The man led Lyon to seven titles, built a new stadium and created a youth academy that still produces talents like Justo, Caqueret and Cherki. Previously, these talents were as simple as Ben Arfa, Fakir, Lacazette and Benzema. Only in recent years has football been somewhat disappointing, which ultimately cost him his job.

Jean-Michel Aulas.  AFP photo

Jean-Michel Aulas.AFP photo

A9 for Orkun Kökcü

Tomorrow Feyenoord will be champions, mainly thanks to Kökcü and Slot. Despite mediocre players in places, the coach managed to describe and chew on positions and assignments so well that everyone — base and reserves — understood his job description. Through Arne Slot, Geertruida and Wieffer got into the Dutch team early.

Some football teams have been compared to a machine. This is Feyenoord, an unstoppable machine founded on altruism, discipline and Kökcü. Scouts look good: Zarougui is a good deal. In the wings, Robin van Persie peeks around the corner of the curtain. It will grow into Feyenoord O17 next season. In the future I expect father and son initially.

Orkun Kokcu.  Photo by Kay Ent Fen / Professional Shots

Orkun Kokcu.Photo by Kay Ent Fen / Professional Shots

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