“I cheated that I could do something really good”

“I cheated that I could do something really good”

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She also doesn’t know why Kim had to cheat in order to make a great joke, because she couldn’t get farther than opening a can of soup.

Kim (29): “As long as I’ve been in a relationship with Jeroen, I’ve heard the whole family give up pea soup from my mother-in-law. Same thing every winter: as soon as mother in law They cooked a frying pan, her sons and children come to eat a plate and bring a plate to take home.

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best snore

I am Jeron’s second wife and after experiencing this circus several times, I bragged that I could make myself snore really well. I don’t know why, because until then I had never gone further than opening a can of Unox. The group fell silent, my mother-in-law seemed very surprised, but she wanted to come and taste it the following Sunday.

Long story short: That week I practiced crazy with peas, broth, and smoked sausage. My friend collapsed, I love his children soup ‘Not to eat’. I ended up going through all the restaurants until I found the perfect drink. My mother-in-law was very extroverted and still praised my soup. Fortunately, we don’t live far from consciousness contractor. “

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