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In the United States they call her a star architect. And ‘Library Whisper’. One of the best architects with Fran ஹois Howe. All over the world. But she did not behave like one. That’s right, she’s a good man.

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In the podcast series HungER! Comes together to cook, eat and talk. Roelof Hemmen barbecues his guests while they talk about their hunger and curiosity for life and who they are. Ten conversations with ten motivating people. Subscribe through Or find it in your favorite podcast app.

In this chapter …

When she looked at Rolop, she immediately inspected his house, carpet, and a tree in the garden. details. She sees everything. She is surprised. She asks questions. He will be happy with the little things too. When she does great things. All over the world.

Life goes well for her. Well, she says, apparently she’s walking on the ‘sunny side of the road’. She likes it too. There is a lot to do. Lots to create. She may have a small ADD hidden inside.

So libraries. His works are in New York, Boston. Really everywhere. There’s something in these kinds of public buildings, she thinks. The rich and the poor come together. Even the young and the old. Husband wife. The buildings they connect to.

Okay, okay, occasionally building a villa is also fun. Make contact with the customer first. Then draw. Brainwashing. Spruce. To think. Do something beautiful. She could build such a villa in a year.

Politicians now know where to find her. What should the city really be like? How will we progress in the future?

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She made a plan south of Rotterdam. It’s a dream come true. It is not only about the beauty of buildings or public spaces, but (or especially) about the emancipation of the occupants, which is socially important to her; Such a city elevates people a little. Such a project would take many years. But still, she will succeed. Real.

Ask for hunger! With Francien Houben. About his view on architecture. About the world we live in. Above is about the sacrifices you have to make. About curiosity and intuition. Yes, intuitively, she’s going for it, but what exactly is it?

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