Hundreds of new forest fires broke out in Turkey and Greece

Hundreds of new forest fires broke out in Turkey and Greece

The Turkish coastal town of Bodrum is also exposed to forest fires. “Please listen to us, we desperately need help.”AP . image

The victims were in Turkey, where intense forest fires since July 28 have reduced large parts of the Mediterranean coast to ashes. It concerns more than two hundred fires, mainly in the south and west of the country. Thousands of people were evacuated, including many tourists who were taken to safety by boat.

In dozens of places the fires have not yet been brought under control. High winds and a lack of helicopters and firefighting planes allowed the fire to spread easily. On Thursday, the Turkish Coast Guard evacuated hundreds of civilians who live near a burning power plant in the southwestern province of Mugla.

under the hashtag #Pray for Turkey in a #Turkey is burning (Turkey is burning) Pictures and videos of the disaster are circulating on social media. Pictures show how the fire threatens to engulf Turkish villages and seaside resorts, while ordinary citizens use water buckets or sand shovels to put out the flames.


Many Turks are angry with President Erdogan for saying he will do little to fight the fires. According to them, the authorities are monitoring local residents as they battle the fire. Erdogan acknowledged last week that the government had no firefighting planes, but insisted the situation was “under control”.

Mayors in affected areas said they were unable to reach the authorities and used social media in desperation to help. “We hope that the state takes responsibility and saves people from this suffering,” the mayor of Milas said in a video. In a similar video, the mayor of Bodrum asked the government to accept foreign aid. “Please listen to us, we desperately need help.”

Turkish residents are also requesting international help via Twitter. A post titled “Help Turkey” has been published a lot. Presidential spokesman Fahrettin Altun denounced the campaign, tweeting that the aid was not needed, saying: “Turkey is strong.” According to the public prosecutor, who opened an investigation into the reports, some social media accounts are trying to create “panic, fear and anxiety” and humiliate the Turkish government.