Huizen actress Laura Laman gives Chekhov’s ‘Three Sisters’ a modern film jacket at The Throw

Huizen actress Laura Laman gives Chekhov’s ‘Three Sisters’ a modern film jacket at The Throw

Laura Lawman: ,,Chekhov had a wonderful vision of how people are brought together.© Photo Studio Castermans/Alexander Marks

Yvonne Hulsbos


Actress Laura Laman (26) from Huizen dreams of a career in America. But first he will make a short film: ‘Three Sisters’, based on Chekhov’s book of the same name.

Laman was born and raised in Huysen and still lives there. He earned a bachelor’s degree in music history in Tilburg and his second bachelor’s degree in Leuven, at the LUCA School of Arts. Now he is doing his Masters in the same school. It is a school that trains actors, playwrights and writers. Graduates from LUCA usually create theater productions, writing their own scripts and creating sets.

Not Laman. He chose the film version of Chekhov’s famous play ‘Three Sisters’. He knew the play from a sniff practice in 2012. “I already wanted to be an actress and had applied to train at Noord-Hollands Donneel. The group performed “Three Sisters”. I recognized myself in the story; Loving life and wanting to get everything out of it. But how? It’s very difficult.”


Although the piece was written over a hundred and twenty years ago, the theme is still topical or rather universal, Laman believes. “Chekhov has brilliantly seen how man is integrated and uses such beautiful poetic language.” She is going to bring out the magic of cinema by condensing a three-hour drama into a fifteen-minute short film. ‘Hold Cheko again,’ she calls with a smile.

The story takes them to the living room of the three sisters, where they say goodbye to their childhood friend, Alexander. He is going to try his luck in America. Sister Marcia also likes something played by Laman. She finds Alexander living her dream.

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Monster project

In the second plot you see the actors rehearsing the play. “You hear them reading Chekhov’s texts and thinking aloud: ‘Oh, what does this say?’ It’s a project at the cusp of theater and film, an area that fascinates Laman. With the same dream that Laman had, America leaves. “I was already living in upstate near New York during my college days. To me, America is the soul expanding. It’s grand and compelling.”

Making a short film simply called ‘Three Sisters’ was a monster project. “I love it. I have to organize everything from calling people to finding locations. It’s actually the most fun thing I’ve ever done. For the film, Laman works with a team of actors and professionals. Five actors, including himself and twelve crew members. “I’m the only student in the crew. All are professionals who are willing to collaborate for free because they love Chekhov’s play so much that it’s my first step into the ‘real world’.

A population grant scheme has been launched to cover the costs of the project will run till March 11.

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