Huawei wants to introduce the first devices with HarmonyOS next week – tablets and phones – news

I have multiple smartphones, including an iPhone. I like to use multiple platforms.

Selected because I wanted a smartphone with good camera system and android skin that doesn’t bother me (I don’t like stock android or samsung skin)

So it has always been a smartphone because there are no Google services on it. But now that I see the progress they are making with the app gallery, I don’t even need google play store. Everything I want is there, including internet banking, 9292ov, parking, all social media and of course DigiD.

There is also Chrome and Google Maps on my Huawei device, but I don’t use this myself. I use Petal Maps (the best navigation software so far in my opinion, a mixture of apple maps but with realistic speed cameras) and as a browser I use Edge.

When it comes to data usage, I don’t trust google. Because they don’t say they’re selling your data, but you know they do, along with Facebook. Also something special. There is no evidence that the Chinese have sold or misused them.

In other words: I don’t regret my choice and I’ll also buy the Huawei P50 when it comes (August in my opinion).

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