How to keep the Christmas tree at home for a long time?

How to keep the Christmas tree at home for a long time?

What you should definitely not do from the start is to buy a tree with yellow glow or brown needles. “It was harvested too early,” says Christmas tree grower Gerwin Anthonysen. “Unfortunately, this is happening more and more often, because nowadays people really want a Christmas tree in mid-November. However, the best time to buy a tree is early December, after Sinterklaas. Then you have the greatest chance that the tree will make it old and new.”

Nordmann is commonly presented as the king of Christmas trees. People who don’t like vacuuming probably gave it that title, because the tree has very little needle missing. Blue spruce also remains beautiful for a long time and is a good choice. Choose this tree if you like blue instead of green.

And beyond that? It is best to choose a rooted tree because it is in a pot and is the easiest way to water it. You can also plant conifers in the garden after the holiday.

When you buy that tree, you immediately want to start with balls and lights, but it’s really better to wait a day. “The tree comes from the outside, which means that the difference in temperature with the living room is big. If you put it in a shed or storage room first, it can acclimatize,” says Antonissen. A day or two is enough.

“Don’t put the Christmas tree too close to the heating system, because it will then dry out,” Anthonissen tips. Do you have underfloor heating? Then make sure that the tree is not directly on the ground, but put it on a chair. The tree loves light.

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According to the tree scientist, many people forget to water their Christmas tree, but this is really necessary if you want to carry on with Christmas. Exactly how often depends on the temperature in the house and how close the tree is to heating. Anthonissen advises people who have underfloor heating to water the tree every day. In other cases, maybe every day is enough.

“Don’t forget to feed the tree, too,” he says. There’s a special Christmas tree food, but holistic plant foods work, too. Anthonissen: “Do this when you’ve brought the tree home and again after a while. Feeding twice is best.”

If you get a sawn tree, there is no need to mount it on a cross. Instead, spread another inch of the stem for better absorption of water and nutrients. Anthony. “Then put the tree in a Christmas tree stand. One with a water tank, eh.”

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