How to Get Started with Microsoft Audience Advertising?

How to Get Started with Microsoft Audience Advertising?

After a long wait, here in the Netherlands: Native Advertising with Microsoft Advertising. The possibility of using these non-search locations has been around for some time in North America, but on November 17 several countries from South America and Europe were added, including the Netherlands. Yes! How can we use these new ads and where will they be if Google Display already covers 90% of the internet? Read soon.

What are Microsoft Audience Ads?

Microsoft Audience Ads is Microsoft’s (late) response to Google’s visual campaigns on the Google Display Network. This is your own ad that can deliver ads on sites from Microsoft and its affiliates, so it will be a valuable addition to your awareness strategy. With this new advertising route, you can address hidden traffic so that you can feel more engaging and cost effective on your website. In addition, the result will increase search traffic via the Bing search engine. Success is success.

Where and How are Microsoft Audience Ads Delivered?

Microsoft will provide ads on its own websites and sites. Think of Outlook, Microsoft Bing, Microsoft Edge and of course MSN. Delivery to all parts of the Microsoft Audience Network can also be made to Microsoft’s partner websites such as Fox, CBS and other major websites. The number of affiliated partners will continue to grow in the future.


The Microsoft Audience Network indicates that it will be a ‘brand-safe’ environment, but since a broader explanation can be given, we will wait for the placement report. Microsoft claims to be using the knowledge of Integral Ad Science. This company uses extra security for websites where you can serve ads. Websites labeled ‘these extra security’s.IAS Certified‘. And without additional costs.

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When it comes to advertising, this can happen in a natural way, like pictures with articles on the sites mentioned above. As we all know from Google, these ads are based on search history, web history, demographic data and page content. Along with artificial intelligence and machine learning, Microsoft will try to find a better place for advertising. When we look at the way ads are delivered, we get the same vibrations from innovation ads; Advertisements presented as news articles.

The traffic (or MSN) in the discovery environment depends on what the algorithm presents. We know from experience that this type of bush marketing works well to generate extra traffic and often leads to changing traffic. Ads can be placed on websites such as in a number of ways. Here is an example of visibility with multiple images, each with its own landing page.

How to Get Started with Microsoft Audience Advertising?

Let’s start this right away. This ad has been running since yesterday (November 17). You can create this type of ads as you are accustomed to from search ads. To take advantage of this new feature, follow these steps:

1. Create advertising

2. Select the desired advertising team

3. Select the type of advertisement ‘Extended Text Advertising’

4. Check the ‘Prefer Audio Ad Format’ button

5. Save the ad

Shouldn’t there be pictures, I ask what you think? That’s right! The images that Microsoft uses to deliver to the audience network come from image extensions. The advice states that your own content will work better, but in the absence of your own content Microsoft will use stock images.

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Additional tip: Of course, the best practice here is to use the UET tag, which allows you to track your Internet traffic and provide additional tools for optimizing Microsoft delivery.

Get started, share your findings, and we’ll do it! We are interested!

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