How many refugees are there, and where can they go?  5 questions and answers

How many refugees are there, and where can they go? 5 questions and answers

The United Nations expects that most people will flee to Poland, perhaps one to three million people. Moldova takes into account tens of thousands of refugees. 11,000 people have been reported so far in Romania.

Flights across the northern or eastern borders of Ukraine are not an option for many residents, because Ukraine is bordered by Russia and Russia-minded Belarus.

Can Ukrainians go to Holland too?

Yes, it is possible, although there are hardly any reports about people who have self-reported.

Ukrainians can travel visa-free across the European Union due to the Association Agreement from 2017, and this also applies to the Netherlands. From Kiev it is about 2,000 kilometers from Holland, or roughly the distance from here to southern Spain. Once in the Netherlands, people can stay in a hotel, holiday park or with acquaintances.

According to the Dutch Refugee Council, more and more calls have been received since yesterday. This concerns Ukrainians who are already in the Netherlands, for example for family visits or for work. They want to know what options are available to apply for asylum in the Netherlands.

What childcare is arranged in the Netherlands?

Ukrainians who are already in the Netherlands and who are officially allowed to stay without a visa for a maximum of 90 days, do not have to leave the country for the time being when the visa period has expired. “It is true that it expires after 90 days, but if that happens, we will extend it and you will not have to go back,” said Foreign Minister van der Burg for Asylum and Migration. These people do not have to apply for asylum.

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If people ask for shelter, Holland will provide it. The reception center for refugees from Ukraine is almost ready. Van der Burg does not want to advertise the location yet.

Refugee work The Netherlands finds it surprising that the foreign minister has chosen a different procedure for Ukrainians than for asylum seekers. The organization emphasizes that under the Refugee Convention, every Ukrainian refugee can choose to apply for asylum on arrival or at a later time. Residents of the Asylum Seeker Center are entitled to a living allowance and easy access to care.

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