How did the years of hatred and envy between Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger begin?

How did the years of hatred and envy between Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger begin?

It can get weird. Sylvester Stallone threw a vase of flowers at Arnold Schwarzenegger at the Golden Globe Awards. That was in 1977. Arnold joked rocky You won’t win prizes that night. Sylvester felt personally attacked.

rocky, a boxing film about an underdog seeking to win the title, was Sylvester’s debut in Hollywood. Sylvester not only played Rocky, but also wrote the script.

Hollywood didn’t want to know anything about an Italian boxer at the time. That’s why Sylvester himself chose the boxing movie and went looking for the right people who wanted to shoot it.

Also in real life this super strong man was the underdog. Arnold’s comments shocked him more than he thought.

Sylvester Stallone Tells:
“I thought, I’m going. Who does this huge guy think he is? And he’s cheerful and cheerful, because my movie isn’t going to win anything.”

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Fortunately, the film began winning awards in the evening. Rocky has won two Golden Globes for Best Director, one for Best Film, and one for Best Film Editor.

I thought, ‘Finally, it’s time for Rocky. When Rocky won Best Picture, I got my first prize handy and threw it at Arnold. It turned out to be a heavy vase of flowers. With lilies and tulips. That started a ten-year feud. And I thought: The glove has been thrown away.”

Sylvester says so Arnold Schwarzenegger The vase evaded. But Sylvester’s blunt response to some cliched words on a big night sparked a years-long feud between the two action heroes.

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It took about ten years, but now they have settled the feud and are friends. But this was not literally without struggle.

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