How contagious is it really vaccinated?  -

How contagious is it really vaccinated? –

Vaccinated people are just as infectious as unvaccinated people Lots of media headlines Recently, based on a study published in a well-known newspaper Lancet appeared. There is only one thing that can be said about this study.

The biggest problem is that the studied unvaccinated group consisted of only 23 people, most of whom were children. And children are less contagious anyway. says epidemiologist Brechje de Gier (RIVM), who found the statistic wrong. in Volkskrant. “We also did not initially find a difference between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated. But when we stratified it by age, we saw the effect of vaccination in our analysis.”

What is the magnitude of the difference in prevalence between vaccinated and unvaccinated. According to de Volkskrant, the latest figures show that vaccines 50 to 90 percent Of the infections, 95 percent are hospital admissions and 97 percent are ICU admissions. Research by de Geer has shown that the chance of an infected person infecting another person is about half the chance of transmitting the virus from someone who is not immune.

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