How can you perform strength exercises in indoor gyms?  † correct

How can you perform strength exercises in indoor gyms? † correct

We need to move moreGood to move around, even while closed. How do you find the sport that suits you best? Health journalist Tijn Elferink and behavioral scientist Johnny Buivenga research the pros and cons of different sports. In Part Six: How do you perform strength training in indoor gyms?

“I’m just assembling a fitness bench,” says sports coach and behavioral psychologist Johnny Boivinga. As the stricter lockdown began, the lights went out in the gyms as well. This is especially difficult for strength athletes; Training large muscle groups like the buttocks and back is a challenge at home or on the go.

“Fanatical athletes especially find it annoying to interrupt their training schedule,” Buivenga says. Of course that’s bad, give yourself space to be disappointed. Then you can do two things: sit back and see what’s possible.” Many athletes do deadly strength exercises in the gym, so core exercises and movement exercises get less attention. “Now start training those muscles you would otherwise undertrain. .”


Small exercises can help you greatly later on; If it’s all strong, you can train harder later

Johnny Bovenga

The behavioral scientist knows every body has weaknesses. ,, You can do a strength and weakness analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of your body and how you can train them now. You can usually train weak points at home. Small exercises can help you greatly later on; If it’s all strong, you can practice even harder later.”

swing training

You can go a long way without a gym, says personal trainer Wanno Wardenaar. You can use rubber bands instead of weights. You can buy a rubber band for a few euros.” Wardenaar, who is also a mathematician and psychologist, says the playground or the schoolyard offer all kinds of possibilities. With a swing you can squat pistol to do. Or pull yourself up, as with TRX. But also basic exercises, by leaning forward, swinging and falling. If you lie on your back with your heels on a swing, you can train your hamstrings.”

Training outside requires a more intense warm-up, Wardenaar says. In the gym, most of them are sitting on the filter and staring at their phones. To prevent injuries, you really have to work outside, for example jumping cranes† Because of the cold, Wardenaar also recommends shorter rest periods between exercises. Circuit training can help with this; Four or five different exercises in a row.”


My advice is to keep exercising for the times you’re used to

Johnny Bovenga

This is why a training schedule is so important. †If you fail to plan, you plan to failBuivenga: Set a realistic schedule and make it concrete when you’re going to do something. My advice is to keep exercising at the times you’re used to. With this, you’ll not only maintain the routine now, but when the gyms open again, you’ll be The threshold is lower to start over.”

take olibulin

Buivenga emphasizes that keeping moving is the best advice anyway. A genius misconception is: In January I will start exercising again and until then I can stuff myself with olibulin. But if you eat less olibulin now, you will have to exercise less in January.”

Plus, a lot of people seem to think: If I exercise, I should eat healthy. “It’s rather the opposite,” Buivenga says. If you exercise, you can eat more olibulin. Because if you exercise more, you burn more calories.”

Finally, strength training outside is also a matter of “just doing it”. “So you’re experiencing that training abroad isn’t that bad,” says Boivinga. “When I froze two stairs last week, I didn’t get out of bed voluntarily to play sports in the schoolyard,” Wardner admits. “But once you’re there, it’s great. The reward for training outdoors is great.”

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