Housing has become more affordable (except for young people)

Housing has become more affordable (except for young people)

Since the 1990s, we have replaced traditional public housing with a liberal housing policy. Because of the high income and low mortgage interest rates, housing has become more affordable on average in recent years. But Yerla van de Ven of the economist ESB says that is not favorable for young people.

Liberalization of public housing reduces freedom of choice

The New Economists podcast about wealth inequality

Bicycle manufacturer VanMoof has appointed a new chief. Gillian Tans, former CEO of Booking.com, will take over the day-to-day management of the founders of Taco and Ties Carlier. It will have to manage the bike repair shop’s turbulent growth in the right direction, says financial markets editor Lennart Zandbergen.

Gillian Tans, former reservations director, leads the wheel at VanMoof

In the United States, the right to an abortion faces significant restrictions. That was according to a leaked draft advice from the Supreme Court. There aren’t many topics that primarily touch on political differences in the United States, according to reporter Casper Thomas.

America threatens to abolish the abortion law

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