Horner blij met weekend in Amerika: “Was een mijlpaal voor ons”

Horner was happy the weekend in the US: “It was a milestone for us”

Red Bull captain Christian Horner believes breaking Mercedes’ dominance at the United States Grand Prix is ​​an important moment for the team. Since the beginning of the turbo-hybrid era in 2014, Britain has realized that Mercedes can always take the polar position of the circuit of the United States.

Max Verstappen has increased his lead in the standings by twelve points, ahead of title contender Lewis Hamilton. With five more races to go, the championship could still go either way, but Horner believes it is important for Red Bull to end the Mercedes run in the United States.

The pole is important

“For the team, scoring on Saturday was a big moment, especially the dominance of Mercedes,” said the Red Bull captain. Things went wrong for Verstappen at the start of the race, but he did not give up: “We left it in the first corner and then switched to an aggressive strategy to get back on track.”

This made the final stage of the race so exciting: “At the end of the race it will always be exciting, and Max will be able to attack, it’s all about the rear tires.” The Netherlands had old tires and quickly approached the current world champion in the final rounds. “I think Turn 11’s traction will always be important, and he was able to keep enough tires in decent condition at the end of the race.”


Verstappen was able to get his eighth win on American soil. “They’d all important, but it’s a big one, because it’s a very strong stronghold for Lewis and Mercedes, so scoring a goal was a milestone for us. An excellent team performance because we were behind on Friday, which seemed like a tough weekend, but the whole team worked very hard to do it. . “

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