Home shortage is getting worse: How do thousands of gifts get back?  |  show

Home shortage is getting worse: How do thousands of gifts get back? | show

Sinterklaas NewsGreat panic between two houses last night. When they were about to pick up the lost gifts by plane, it turned out that there was no pilot. How do parcels reach the Netherlands on time?

Bates did indeed travel to the airport this week in good spirits, but once they arrived it was all against them. The long lines tested their patience. But today as we saw it Sinterklaas News This evening, the Acolytes were finally ready to take off and retrieve thousands of gifts safely. After a short safety instruction, an aide walked into the cockpit to report that the plane, named Goedheiligman 1, could depart. “Hey, finally,” the group exclaimed excitedly.

However, it never took off and that was all about it lack of pets. “There is no pilot! There is only a note,” he sounded aghast, while a job posting was captioned with “Wanted: Pilot Piet.”

And so Bates faces a new problem: how to recover all those gifts that went missing at the airport and were scattered all over the world? They don’t have to rely on the steamer at the moment either, because it doesn’t look like it was made.

It has an audience of 916,000 viewers Sinterklaas News In the eighth position of the most watched programs. Top 5 consists of it Eight Hour JournalThe Half past seven newsThe Six Hours MagazineAnd the Koningsbrugge camp And the one today.

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