Holly May Broad has a leading role in Twente

Holly May Broad has a leading role in Twente

Filming for the film, directed by Ben Sombogart, began last week in Lancashire, England. opposite It tells of the forbidden love between a textile worker from Twente and an Italian immigrant, against the backdrop of tensions between Twente and the Italian workers in the early 1960s.

In the United Kingdom, the heritage-listed Queen Street Mill Textile Museum is the last 19th-century steam-weaving mill in the world. After that, the recordings will continue, mainly in Twente. Registrations will continue until mid-May.

Ben said it earlier AP That he sees similarities in the way people with different backgrounds are viewed then and now. “There are still a lot of Dutch people who immediately get defensive when someone speaks a different language or has different traditions,” said the director when announcing the project. “Just look at the protests in the Aztecs where Afghan refugees are being taken care of. As far as I’m concerned, Contrary tells a very objective story about accepting people who are different from you.”

The project is being developed by Nijenhuis & Co and Omroep MAX, the team that previously made big hits in cinema. legs Made by Sint Hildegard. Ben introduced earlier among others storm And Twin, which was nominated for an Academy Award. The screenplay was written by Jacqueline Ebskamp, ​​who previously worked on such successful series as divorceAnd Croese family And Black tulip.

Distributor September will release the opposite film in cinemas next year.

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