Hey beard hair: Why do I suddenly grow a beard?

Hey beard hair: Why do I suddenly grow a beard?

A colleague I recently met online asked, “Do you chew again?” I was unconsciously feeling along the edge of my chin, where the spine was where the head was. Her husband is a dermatologist, so the colleague told her an extensive story about low estrogen and increased testosterone. “This is very normal.” Something about hormones and menopause.

“I don’t need any more of that manly stuff,” she exclaimed in disappointment. “As a single mother, I often fall for my so-called energetic, masculine side. I don’t need another scoop of testosterone. I’m both a father and a mother, and I have to make every decision and arrange action.” “Eh,” he questioned the fellow who had no idea how to respond to my complaint. She was sane and said nothing. I quickly added: “A bit of cuddle hormone and some estrogen should lighten things up a bit. Physically too, I hope. I’d rather get down to thorns.”

Extra chin hair isn’t three times as much compared to braces, your ear piercings, your period and other teenage girl dramas that live in this woman’s family. Sometimes it’s a lot, so last weekend we went to town. The girls wanted to go shopping, which is not my favorite thing to do. So I drank the best coffee in Deventer at the ice cream parlour while they dived into the shops where I could only sigh. When they return, they proudly display their spoils: Buck has bought a makeup bag, and Charlie a new phone case. “Mom, I also saw something that is typical for you,” Buck said.

That surprised me. How nice of her to think of her mother. I said, “How cute.” Immediately thought of something for the living room, a vase or a candle? Otherwise a nice dress or something. Bok knows my tastes. She took out her phone. “I took a picture of it on the spot. If you like it, you can buy it on the spot at H&M. Look!”

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I saw the plastic box and laughed out loud. “What are you laughing at?” Puck asked a little upset. In the package I saw small brightly colored tweezers. “But mom, isn’t it okay? Your tweezers are old and those three have different grips. You don’t have to pick your chin like that all the time.”

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