Het Mediaforum – Listen Jan-Kees Emmer: “US has not yet realized the urgency felt in Europe” | Podcasts

Wendelmoet Boersema, Jan Kees Emmer and Bero Beyer sit at the table

Boersema’s Media Moment is about how messages about TikTok and Ukraine are sent. Many people use this site, especially in Russia. Is there an explanation for this, and how did Dictac play a role in this crisis?

Emmers Media moment is about how the US media reports on developments in Ukraine. What is the difference between Moscow and Washington because of the greater distance?
Porsche: “This is a strong story to be told every day.”

We also talk about the hostage situation. Many of the images appeared via social media, and live streams followed. Everything is known, do we deserve it, is it desirable? How do you warn viewers about violent images in your project?
Emmer: “If it had ended differently, we would have discussed this discussion differently.”

Finally, we are talking about the Oscars. As the number of spectators decreases, the duration of the festival decreases. Bayer was once allowed to be there. How did he enjoy it and what were his thoughts on shortening the show?
Bayer: “I hope it gains momentum again and embraces the film world positively.”

We end up with Dolteem with John Beowing

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