Herygers builds on Van Aert and Van der Poel attending the 2022 UCI World Championships: 'Great entertainment'

Herygers builds on Van Aert and Van der Poel attending the 2022 UCI World Championships: ‘Great entertainment’

Paul Higgers will be enjoying the cyclocross season to the full once again. Of course Van Aert and Van der Poel will have to wait a little longer. They are still with the World Cup on the road in their heads, but will they also be there for the World Cup on the field in January in the US? Higgers thinks so.

There are no top three in the field at the moment, then Eli Iserbet will emerge as the top cyclocross racer. “That’s what it’s like, yeah,” Herygers tells sporza. “Last weekend I really liked Lokeren. From start to finish Iserbyt was in the lead. He understood very well that without the Big Three you shouldn’t miss your start. Just like Lars van der Haar.”

He saw the Dutchman do something he wouldn’t have done otherwise. “He suddenly jumped over the rafters at Lokeren. Well those weren’t giant rays, but over a full cross, he might win 10 seconds. And then you can finish on the podium.”

Too late for ranking in December

Van Aert, Van der Poel and Bedcock are not expected until December. “The ratings are late to start the race. They come to the field to get ready for the road season. That seems to be working well,” Hrigers laughs. “For viewers and fans, it’s great entertainment.”

The greats are usually present at the cycling world championships, but will that also be the case this season? “What if they also travel to the US at the end of January for the cyclocross world championships? I think so. Traveling to America is like driving to the sea these days.”

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