Herlings almost fit;  So he follows the Motocross of Nations as a commentator

Herlings almost fit; So he follows the Motocross of Nations as a commentator


NOS game

  • Sebastian Timmermann

    Motocross Commentator/Reporter

  • Sebastian Timmermann

    Motocross Commentator/Reporter

Motocross fans look forward to Sunday evening when the last major race of 2022, the Motocross of Nations, takes place in Buchanan, USA. In other words, a world championship for national teams.

There, many Americans wearing the Stars and Stripes hope their compatriots will finally see it after ten years. Chamberlain Trophy They will win.

This time Herlings is the commentator

Three years ago, the Netherlands won the world title for the first time in a wet Assen. Jeffrey Herlings was there at the time, missing this year Bullet. He suffered a season-ending foot injury in February.

Herlings will serve as co-commentator for NOS tonight.

Five-time world champion Herlings is back on his bike and is targeting 2023. He is almost fully recovered and awaits the final, minor keyhole surgery next week. “To touch another little bone in my foot that’s a little more irritating,” Herlings says. “After that, the preparation for 2023 starts and I can’t wait.”

Motocross Olympics

After all, it is the only race where European drivers from the World Championship meet their American rivals competing in their home country.

Pro Shots

Jeffrey Herlings in action

‘Nations’ have a long tradition and history. It is actually the cradle of motocross, as the first edition was already held in 1947. This year, for the 75th time, there will be a battle for the national title, making the race older than, for example, the World Cup.

Each country can use three drivers to collect points and Glenn Goldenhoff, Calvin Vlaanderen and K de Wolf represent the Netherlands. They all work twice. Of the six results the Dutch drivers achieve, the worst can be eliminated.

Stage candidate

Dutch motocross riders are among the podium candidates, but according to Herlings, the top finishers are from America. “America has two strong riders in Eli Tomac and Chase Sexton, who finished first and second in the American championship this year. And their third rider, Justin Cooper, is a great talent. This is their own race, and they will want to finally win again.”

The United States is the most successful nation at the Motocross of Nations with 22 wins, but the last win was in 2011.

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