Here’s why Serena Williams played with bandages on her face yesterday |  sports

Here’s why Serena Williams played with bandages on her face yesterday | sports

Serena Williams was unable to crown her comeback last night with her first round win at Wimbledon. distance He lost the excitement to Harmony Tan Many people wondered why Williams played with two aids on her face. This has a medical reason.

Hip-hop fans of the turn of the century are familiar with the phenomenon of the famous rapper Nelly. His trademark was a white spot under his left eye. He reportedly wore it to cover the wound, but once it healed, he continued to wear the bandage. Nelly said he wanted to honor a friend in prison.

So when Serena Williams hit the field last night in a marathon match (7-5, 1-6, 7-6 (7)) against Harmony Tan, many viewers wondered why the American was wearing two black spots under her eye. Was there a symbolic value behind it or was there another explanation?

Serena Williams. © ANP / EPA

It is now known that the 23-time Grand Slam winner wore the black spots for medical reasons. Williams has sinus pain. The 40-year-old American has been suffering from this for a long time. In 2007 she told the news agency Reuters: ,, is no longer a secret. I suffer from sinusitis. So playing tennis or doing something else is not easy. You feel pressure and pain.”

To counteract headaches and unpleasant feelings, Williams wears two medical patches. They should remove the complaints, so you can play freely again. That’s what she did last night, but she still had to bow her head to Harmony Tan in three sexy combos.

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Another duel?

When asked if her match on Tuesday might be her last, the world number one replied, “That’s a question I can’t answer right now. Who knows? Who knows where I’m going?”

The last time Williams went into effect was in July of last year. Earlier this month, she was somewhat surprised to accept her Wimbledon card. Williams lost on Tuesday evening to French Harmony Tan in a strong battle that lasted more than 3 hours.

“Physically I was fine, only in the last few points I started to really feel it. But I moved well and got back a lot of balls. It wasn’t a surprise to me. I just didn’t train for duels for 3 hours. I think it happened,” Williams said. error there.”

Serena Williams (left) and Harmony Tan.
Serena Williams (left) and Harmony Tan. © ANP / EPA

“I definitely wouldn’t be at peace with this if these were my last memories, definitely not. It definitely gives me the motivation to get back on the training tracks, because I didn’t play badly and got so close.”

There isn’t much clarity about the coming months, but a US Open participation is definitely a possibility. “Playing at home, in a place where I won my first major tournament, is always something special. There is definitely a lot of motivation to improve and play at home.”

Williams last won a Grand Slam in 2017. More than five years ago she won the Australian Open.

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