Here's what you need to know about the new MLB season |  Other sports

Here’s what you need to know about the new MLB season | Other sports

MLBAfter a short season without an audience, the whole of America anxiously looks forward to the start of the baseball new year tonight. The fact that the stands are full of fans once again makes the expectation even greater in Major League Baseball (MLB).

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The first stadium
Only one can throw the first ball and that is Gerrit Cole. The New York Yankees star kicked off the new season at 7:15 p.m. (Netherlands time) with his first stadium in the first-leg match against the Toronto Blue Jays. Five minutes later, the Detroit Tigers begin their match with the Cleveland Indians, so all eyes are on the man who, after moving from Houston last year, is one of the biggest earners in the NFL. Cole’s net worth is $ 324 Million (€ 276 Million) in nine years.

Yankees player Gerrit Cole throws the first pitch of the new baseball season at 19.05. © Agence France-Presse

Cole had a great debut season with his favorite club, but unfortunately he had to do without an audience. This is different tonight. Yankee Stadium receives 11,000 fans. Most clubs are allowed – according to Corona rules – to fill about 10 to 25 percent of their stadium. At Texas Rangers Stadium, all 40,518 seats may be filled. Is everything completely safe again? not this. The Washington Nationals match, which lost five players to Corona, was already canceled tonight. Discount on opening day It will be the New York Mets. Also, due to rain at Fenway Park, a line ran through the Boston Red Sox-Baltimore Orioles. That match has been postponed until tomorrow.

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Milwaukee Brewers fans are in the stands with Texas Rangers during the pre-season final
Milwaukee Brewers fans are in the stands with Texas Rangers during the pre-season final © AP

Million deals
In MLB, despite the Corona crisis, a lot of money has been dumped here and there again this spring. How about a short hiatus from Fernando Tatis Jr., who signed for a fee of $ 340 million (€ 290 million) for 14 years (record high) with San Diego Padres. Whether shooter Trevor Bauer will earn $ 102 million (€ 87 million) for the next three seasons at the Los Angeles Dodgers after moving from the Cincinnati Reds. On top of that, it was announced today that Francisco Lindor’s short contract with the New York Mets will be extended for another ten years for $ 341 million.

Francisco Lindor.
Francisco Lindor. © AP

New laws
Everything was different last year with 60 “only” games in the regular season and 16 (out of 30) teams in the qualifiers. But MLB returned to normal with 162 matches and 10 teams qualified for post-season. However, a few novelties were actually tried last year. For example, extra turns (if she’s still tied after 9 rounds) with a runner on second base for you to enforce the decision a little faster.

And dutch
With Xander Bogarts (Red Socks), Ozzy Albis (Bravis), Jauricson Provar (Padres), Didi Gregory (Feliz), Andreleton Simmons (Twins), Jonathan Schöpp (Tigers) Chadwick Tromb (Giants) and Kenlee Jansen (Dodgers) MLB once again a large number of Orange clients Internationals (likely). The latter capped his work last year with winning the World Championships after two failed attempts with Team Dodgers. Janssen (33) had personally had a difficult season, but he is still closer to a “world champion”. In spring training, he has however shown that he’s doing well this year.

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Will it be two in a row for Jansen and co? That may be the case. The Los Angeles star group was already impressive and it grew even stronger with the arrival of the top marksman Bauer. Where the LA Dodgers were the team to beat in the National League, it is the New York Yankees in the Major League Soccer. In betting, both clubs top the contenders.

Kinley Jansen is in action during spring training.
Kinley Jansen is in action during spring training. © Agence France-Presse

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