Henny Rofel: "I'll definitely miss Sacramento"

Henny Rofel: “I’ll definitely miss Sacramento”

NK Dressage

One and a half years ago Henny got black gilding. She says “He ran into Z-position with his owner. I coached him and we started on the Z2. After that we started riding in ZZ-Licht, we became the Reserve Champion and fifteenth in the Dutch National Championship. Then we switched to a smaller tour. I started him twice in it.

United States

“This customer soon came to the Netherlands and tried it. Immediately he got angry. He tried the other horses but Sacramento got stuck. It went so fast, he came for a ride on Tuesday, went to try the other horses on Wednesday, we got a phone call on Wednesday evening, he “We went to court on Thursday and the sale was over. He will fly from Luxembourg to the United States on January 6.”


74 years to the new owner. “It was great during the test run. He could drive it. He had never experienced a branch like this before. In the United States he competed in dress, jumping and events. He has an old horse, but he can not continue to train. Until the end, he wanted another horse.Sacramento ends up on a horse valhalla, of course I like him!

Light Tour

“I want to train ten such horses. Sacramento is so sweet to deal with and I am so attached to him. She is beautiful and behaves the same every day. We didn’t do many races, but the time we went was always good. In the end we got almost 65% on the short tour. I’m so glad he did it for me. I will definitely miss him, he always drove me so happy!

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