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After four seasons, the talk show ended on Friday night HLF8. Presenter Johnny De Mol thanked his team, guests and viewers at home, but also paid tribute to his family. This aroused the necessary feelings in him. “This could not have been done without your patience, love and faith in me.”

Recent talk show broadcasts have included Goedele Liekens, Filemon Wesselink, and Caroline van der Plas. Remarkably, Helen Hendrix, de Mol’s regular understudy, wasn’t in the studio on Friday night. De Mol said she could not be there due to “special circumstances”. It wasn’t clear what was going on, but he wished her a lot of strength. Next, we were given a look back at the sweet moments on the talk show.

Only at the end of the episode does de Mol speak. Dear people, that was it then. the last one. The past two years can best be described as a crazy roller coaster ride. A roller coaster with irregular trajectory, high peaks, sharp drops and here and there an unexpected episode that turned things upside down. However, none of us closed our eyes on this trip. We all went out, arms in the air and screamed with delight and sometimes with a little misery.”

De Mol expressed his gratitude to the guests, the viewers, and the music that was performed during the episodes. Also a team HLF8 put in the spotlight. “I am so proud and grateful that you have stayed where you are during this journey,” said the presenter. Even when you could have chosen to quit. Nobody gives up, confidently conquered the next episode. There are not enough words to express how privileged I am to be with such a team. Thanks for RidingI will miss her so much and will not miss her to the world. We’re out now, still a little awkward and wobbly for a while, but it’s going to be okay. I cherish all the beautiful moments.”

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During his acceptance speech, de Mol stayed strong, but when he started talking about his “home team,” he got a little angry. ,, The four heroes who are always waiting for me. It couldn’t have been done without your patience, love and faith in me, said de Mol with a lump in his throat.

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HLF8 It premiered in the summer of 2021. Initially, the program was presented solely by Johnny de Mol and Helen Hendrix was the regular understudy. De Mol left the talk show at the end of April last year due to allegations of misconduct against him. Hendrix and Leonie Ter Brack then handled the presentation. Since the beginning of this year, Sam Huggins has been the main presenter. De Mol also returned for one evening a week.

Johnny De Mol in another HLF8. © Talpa

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