Head of a new EU department in the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science

The International Baccalaureate Directorate is responsible for the international policy of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, and stimulates and supports the strategic (international) actions of the Ministry by establishing links between national and international policy in the field of education, culture, science and editing.

Extensive management experience

Gerbert Kunst, Director of the International Baccalaureate: “With the appointment of Anne-Marie, we will have an IB Department Head with not only extensive knowledge of the European Union, but also very broad management experience and excellent insight into developments in education in Europe. She will be able to use her enthusiasm and ability to think strategically and people-oriented training to achieve our international goals and enhance the organizational development we have initiated within the Board of Directors.”

The formation of European cooperation

Anne-Marie: “I am very happy to use my experience in further shaping European cooperation in the field of culture, science, emancipation and education from the Department of International Politics. In my opinion, cooperation with other countries is indispensable for good and future-oriented policy. During my years abroad, including In it at the embassy and with international NGOs, I saw that cooperation on these topics provides opportunities for all parties.”

Annemarie de Reuter

Infrared. A. (Annemarie) de Ruiter MSc has been working since 2014 as MT Member, Deputy Director and Team Leader at Erasmus + and NUFFIC. Prior to that, Anne-Marie held various positions abroad in the field of development cooperation.

Annemarie de Ruyter studied family and consumer sciences at Wageningen Agricultural University and agricultural economics at Imperial College London.

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General procedure

This appointment to the position of ABD is determined by the general procedure for positions within the General Administrative Services category. Appointment and selection for this appointment were made by the ABD office and the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. The vacancies offered by Bureau ABD are widely advertised and anyone can apply.

Written by: A Guide to Civic Education / Ellen Boyer

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