He lives.  Attendance is not required on the college tour

He lives. Attendance is not required on the college tour

On the beautiful day of Pentecost…

You know, it’s really annoying to have to read annoying tweets, angry emails, and comments hating on yourself or your business all the time. Most of the time, it’s all thoughtless, stupid, and biased. Sometimes they get whipped. Sometimes it gets too close. Some days you are more vulnerable to it than others. And no matter the person, no one is immune when moody people see your expression or behavior as a cause for a little verbal aggression. But on a free and open internet in a similar country, that’s part of it, inevitable and insurmountable. So you have to learn to deal with it, learn to let it slide from you or, where possible, close yourself off from it. Regardless of the actual threats, this is not impossible. Not so hard. But it seems that many politicians and journalists cannot accept this or wish to understand it. Something about power, ego, position, or maybe Excellence. So you see them complaining more and more, louder and emotional or even flirting with intimidations and threats (online). This elicits little sympathy, especially with people who think they are right to attack you. You reward them with whining. You can also challenge new callers, shouting and any threats to drop a penny in the keg (digital) machine. Don’t feed trollsThat’s why we always said. But yes. That was in the past, and they didn’t learn that Diplomatic class Cage or on a college tour. Here at 8:30 p.mHowever, there is no requirement to attend (online). For emperors without clothes (summer) now often behind the curtain of your vinexpas booth (refreshes).

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TV, the keg machine for self-congratulation


Bonus quote from Uncle Tor

I keep repeating it: Mediahuis, Roularta and DPG Media, owned by three wealthy Flemish families, have a monopoly on almost all newspapers and magazines in the Netherlands and Belgium. All noses point in the same direction. Whether it’s about the blessings of waking up, transgender craze, the EU, Ukraine, vaccinations, immigration, the blessings of Islam, climate or the ‘alt-right’: nowhere in the mainstream media do you read a dissenting voice , and certainly not among daily newspaper columnists and opinion makers.”

Sunday night. Nice game of risk

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