HBO Max House of the Dragon is getting a second season

HBO Max House of the Dragon is getting a second season

There is only one episode left online, but HBO Max has already decided there will be a second season of House of the Dragon. The Game of Thrones spin-off has been a huge hit, thanks in part to the much-improved CGI (computer animation) and the fact that it’s Game of Thrones and amazing.

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The first episode has been on HBO Max America since August 21 and August 22 on HBO Max in the Netherlands. It immediately caused HBO Max to stop working for a while. The first episode watched over 20 million viewers in the US alone, and yes, we can’t blame HBO Max for actually announcing the second season. She doesn’t do it prematurely, she knows that with House of the Dragon she will probably have gold in her hands.

HBO Vice President of Programming: “We are proud of what the entire House of the Dragon team achieved in Season 1. Our cast and cast took a huge challenge and exceeded all expectations by delivering a show that has already proven itself as a must-watch TV show. We couldn’t be more excited. To continue the epic revival of the House Targaryen saga in season two.”


HBO Max hasn’t released anything about this second season yet. We don’t necessarily want that either, because we still have 9 episodes of House of the Dragon to go. After all, although the first episode is solid, we haven’t yet seen if the rest of the season maintains that quality. After all, there was quite a bit of pressure on that first episode after the beloved Game of Thrones and the hated final season of that series.

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We don’t know yet who will return in Season 2, because there will undoubtedly be heads rolling in House of the Dragon. When we were at the premiere in Amsterdam, we couldn’t tell the actors’ faces if anyone had actually written from the series. Actors from the series include: Paddy Considine, Matt Smith, Olivia Cooke, Emma Darcy and Steve Toussaint.

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The question is whether HBO Max will do well by actually announcing a second season. It makes us more interesting for the rest of the first season. However, one episode is released a week, so before we can really judge if we’re ready for a second season, we won’t know until the end of October.

The prequel series has also made a huge impact on smartphones: there’s an augmented reality app that gives you a kind of Dragon Tamagotchi, and Snapchat introduced a new House of the Dragon lens this week that doesn’t let you take out dog ears and tongue this time, your mouth, but a dragon’s face that can breathe fire .

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