'Hate' prepares for Cillian Murphy for the role in Peaky Blinders

‘Hate’ prepares for Cillian Murphy for the role in Peaky Blinders

With the show’s sixth and final season, Killian has now mastered playing Tommy Shelby. However, he says he hates preparations for Poor masks. The Irish actor not only has anything in common with the character, but he also has to “swell” a lot and work on his accent.

For example, Cillian previously visited the real Garrison pub in Birmingham to master the dialect. “We drank Guinness beer there, while the other guys sang ‘Birmingham City’ songs and told different stories that I recorded on my iPhone. I took it home to watch.” [accent] Try and continue.”

But it’s not just Killian’s tone that needs to change before he’s back at Tommy for a while. He admits he has to “eat a lot of protein and lift a lot of weight” to look like Thomas Shelby. “This takes a while, and I hate it,” the actor admits.

After the sixth season comes a story meager masks Till the end. Expected to be another season without Aunt Polly. Helen McCrory, who played the head of the household, died last year at the age of 52 of cancer. Kilian hopes this season will be a good tribute to her.

The season begins on February 27 in the UK on BBC One. It is not yet known when the episodes will be available on Netflix.

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