Harry has now infuriated the Americans, too, the Royals

Harry has now infuriated the Americans, too, the Royals

In a conversation with Dax Shepherd, this time Prince Harry discussed the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. Although discussion is a big word, because the British monarch indicated that he didn’t know much about it. “I have a lot to say about the First Amendment as I understand it, but this is crazy. I don’t want to go that way because it’s a huge topic and I don’t understand it because I was only here recently. But there is a loophole everywhere and you can exploit that.”

Harry’s comments only generated anger among Americans on social media. The content is two-fold: “It is better for Harry to shut up if he has nothing better to say” and “if Harry has problems with America or the Constitution, please allow him to return to England.” He just consumed it there with his family. After Prince Philip’s funeral, there was still some hope for reconciliation when Princess Catherine began a conversation with him and William. But since Harry blames his father again, he seems to have made it impossible for himself.

The First Amendment to the United States Constitution protects a number of freedoms in the United States. For example, it guarantees freedom of expression, freedom of religion, freedom of the press, the right to assembly, and the right to speak out against or appeal the government if there is a dispute with the government.

Back home, Pierce Morgan and politician Nigel Farage, among others, believe Harry has “completely lost his way now”.

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