Hantumer Ploechje brings “Geastich” to the stage

Hantumer Ploechje brings “Geastich” to the stage

Sunday, January 7, 2024 at 7:12 pm

Hantom – The theater association It Hantumer Ploechje will present “Geastich”, a silly comedy in two acts, on Friday, January 26 and Saturday, January 27. This comedy is very different from what I'm generally used to.

The play follows a theater group rehearsing the one-act play “Geastich.” You will be present at rehearsals and watch all aspects of the script and scene rehearsal according to the director's instructions. In addition, you will also experience the full process of what can go wrong during the training period.

The one-act play revolves around Rumke, who has been dead for thirty years, and is visiting his grandchildren (grandchildren). It cannot be seen by ordinary people. The visit was imposed on Rumki by Bobin to correct a mistake he had committed in his earthly life. As we have already said, Rumki is invisible, and therefore he walks freely among the other players, without anyone being able to see him and without anyone being able to hear his comments, which he always has on everything.

Only his granddaughter Sylvia feels fear in her life. She can see and hear Romke. In short, a unique story that may make you laugh a lot.

The theater crew would like to see you on January 26th or Saturday January 27th at Doarpshûs d'Ald Skoalle in Hantom. Admission is €10 and the play starts at 8pm.

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