Hanna Verboom ends up in post-party psychosis Elton John: ‘Derailed more and more’

Hannah Verbohm once suffered from psychosis during Elton John’s concert in the United States. Things went so badly for the actress that she was eventually accepted, she told RTL 4’s show on Sunday. Bo Island.

The 39-year-old Verboom was invited to John’s Oscar party because she had a role in the American movie at the time. Deus Bigalo: European Gigolo (2005). “After that I became more and more confused and eventually became psychotic,” she said.

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The actress begins to hallucinate and jumps into the pool with her dress still on. I got off the rails more and more. Eventually, I was arrested by the police and things went from bad to worse,’ she looked back. “I finally woke up in a psychiatric facility in Beverly Hills. That’s ridiculous, right?

be honest
Verboom, who made a documentary about her bipolar disorder last year, believes it’s important for people to be honest about their psychological problems. “Why do we just want to share the nicest sides?” I wondered aloud. “It’s also a big part of life.” She said her younger brother also suffers from bipolar disorder and this breaks her heart. ‘It’s very heavy.’ But the worst part is that many people should and don’t have to go it alone.

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