Hamilton defends Verstappen in riots on social media

Hamilton defends Verstappen in riots on social media

Max Verstappen has caused a lot to happen in recent weeks. Not only has he won the championship in Japan, Verstappen is also not holding back from the track. After pit reporter Ted Kravitz made statements about the Verstappen Championship in 2021, the British Dutchman wants Sky Sports He no longer speaks. In Mexico reacts to his decision.

The reason for the skyVerstappen County was a quote from Kravitz about the US Grand Prix. In it, he said that Hamilton will steal his eighth title in 2021 in his bid to become “the greatest of all time”. According to Max Verstappen, disrespectful remarks that he had had enough and decided not to talk to him anymore Sky Sports. You can find the entire part below.


Heaven County

During the press conference after the Mexican Grand Prix, he was asked what made him decide not to speak to the British medium anymore. “It had nothing to do with this weekend, but it’s a constant factor this year. They look for things, they don’t respect, definitely one person,” says Verstappen. Red Bull is in solidarity with Verstappen and no longer talks to her sky.

On Twitter in particular, people have spoken negatively about the Verstappen boycott. According to Verstappen, this is the crux of the problem: Social media toxicity: Right now, social media is a highly toxic place. If you do it all the time, live on TV, you’re only making it worse instead of trying to make it a better world.

Later in the press conference, Verstappen was asked again about the toxic atmosphere on Twitter. He replies: “As the sport is getting more popular and more people are watching it, more people will write. I think that’s it. […] I hope we can come up with some kind of algorithm that makes sure these people don’t… keyboard warriors had become.’

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Hamilton behind Verstappen

Lewis Hamilton wholeheartedly agrees. “I think social media has become more toxic over the years. I think we should eventually get rid of it. Mental health is very prominent at the moment.” […] I’m glad I read that [de reacties] No, but media platforms definitely need to do more to protect people, especially children and young women. At the moment they haven’t done that yet so I think it will continue.

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