Haas won’t go to US: ‘It’s tough now because of the budget cap’

Haas Team Principal Gunther Steiner said that it would be a huge setback for the team if they settled entirely in the US. The racing stable is basically American, but the largest part of the activity is located in the European countries of Great Britain and Italy.

Steiner explains that it is not easy to organize everything related to the royal class in America. ‘It is very difficult to do. Formula 1 has so much expertise in Europe.” KVUE. Especially when it comes to employees, there are difficulties when everything is in America. “I’ve always said that nothing is impossible, but now with the budget cap it’s become more difficult because you have to offer something more to move people.”

There are other difficulties in terms of costs. I think America is also not a cheap place to hire people and you always try to do your best within the budget cap. So moving Haas’s operations to the US at this time would not be advantageous. ‘Nothing is impossible, we all know that. But would that be a wise decision? I don’t think so at the moment. It’s very difficult to do now.’

Steiner: ‘We’re not thinking about going to America at the moment’

The Haas team took a step forward last year. In previous years the racing team had not picked up any points and managed to finish eighth in 2022 with 37 points. Based on the actions the team has taken, going to the US will be a setback. “We’re not thinking about doing that at the moment, because that would most likely put us back on the field,” Steiner concludes.

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