Gyms go to great lengths to please millennials, but coaches can’t go on vacation

Gyms go to great lengths to please millennials, but coaches can’t go on vacation

My coach is about to burn out. For months he wanted nothing more than a few weeks off, but when he tried to take time off at the seven gyms where he taught, no one could. It will mess up the schedules. So keep going. “I got an email last week saying the whole gym was broke,” he says, grabbing the lightest weights off the rack for me. The end result: no vacation and less income. And a fight at home: his girlfriend is just waiting for him to take a vacation.

When I moved to Amsterdam-Noord last year, I had to look for a new yoga class. For years, I’ve been taking classes at a fairly fancy yoga school with several campuses in town. Whenever I moved, there was another person nearby. But the new neighborhood is not yet upgraded enough for Ashtanga Yoga in clean rooms for €100 a month – fortunately. So I scrolled through the shows and took a class here and there. I already knew what conclusion to draw, I postponed.

Always go to different gyms

I couldn’t ignore it: I joined OneFit. This allowed me to combine several classes to create a schedule that met my need for semi-spiritual fitness, a streamlined body, and the appearance of mental health. Additional advantage: With OneFit I can also do other sports besides yoga. A little strength training seems to be fine after 30. An added drawback: To achieve these wellness goals, I had to keep going to different gyms.

There’s a little about OneFit that I don’t dislike. The subscription works in such a way that for €60 you can book ten gym lessons in different locations each month, with a maximum of four lessons in one place. You have to check in with your phone, as the app checks if you’re already there. So, not only do you have to always take your phone with you — including yoga, at 7 a.m. — the app is constantly forcing you to go to new locations, making getting to know a place a building tricky one.

Application drag network mathematical lessons

It’s not just OneFit members who have to go from hot to it. After nearly every Onefit class I take, the teacher rushes over to be on the other side of town in time for the next class. My trainer – the one who was overworked – bought an e-bike a few weeks ago. “Take some time, but other than that I’m always in Uber, it costs a lot.”

The platform economy provides almost everything we consume as digital as Tinder frequency: we don’t want to commit ourselves to one option, but we keep swiping, posting winning chances. Gyms respond to this as broadly as possible and with as many teachers as possible. To attract as many people as possible through the sports lessons application network. Everything to please our ever-improving millennials – and by us to make the apps we use even more powerful.

Last week my coach wasn’t there. I hope he is on vacation.

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