Gurt Kelder does not understand that he has offended Hoekstra: 'I really don't see him'

Gurt Kelder does not understand that he has offended Hoekstra: ‘I really don’t see him’

Gort does not understand the conflict he caused in the episode. “I got a lot of messages and treated him rudely, but when I get back to the interview, I don’t really see it.” It appears that he spoiled his relationship with the US ambassador to the Netherlands. “He left right after the broadcast. He was really pissed off.”

“You’re making it like this drama. It happens every four years,” Pitt said on the radio broadcast about the unrest in Washington, DC. Gort does not agree. “Riots on the Capitol every four years? No.” The ambassador is so furious with the comment that he is unable to deliver anything for five seconds. “I think your comment is extremely rude,” said Pitt, after clarifying his position.

The presenter is still trying to compensate, but the damage has already been done. “I don’t want a gift. The gift that I would really appreciate is honesty and decent treatment. I think it’s rude and I’m offended.”

The one who doesn’t doubt Jort’s presentation skills is RTL Boulevard expert Rob Goossens. One of the weaknesses In 1 It is believed that “ten are competing against one” permanent presenter Lover On Genk. He loves to see it change.

“As a viewer, I will applaud him if they make a decision at some point,” explains the media expert. “For example, if they went to Welmoed and Jort, we’d see them five days a week. They are by far the most exciting to watch.”

The video below shows some of the In 1The presenters return on their adventure on the talk show.

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