Gommers te gast bij Rijnmond

Gummers: We should not be afraid of another closure

“In big cities like Rotterdam and Amsterdam, 40 percent of the people who tested positive were infected with this new type,” Gummers says, before he goes on vacation after an exciting year. “But it is important that we know it and get ahead of it. For us as OMT, it is also good to know that it is not over. We have to learn to live with the virus. That is why it is important to stick to basic measures. If you have complaints, get yourself tested. We want Elimination of the virus with GGD, but there will be outbreaks in some neighborhoods. This is not excluded.”


According to Gommers, this is mainly due to the fact that part of the population is not vaccinated. “We are now in the final race when it comes to vaccination. And hopefully, that way we can beat the virus, but if 25 percent of adults – that’s about 3 million people – are not vaccinated, that’s too much. Then you can’t prevent an outbreak.”

As expected, the delta variable will replace all other variables. Meanwhile, the group that gets sick and where the virus can survive is shrinking. “But in addition, the elderly in particular will be more susceptible to infection again, because the antibodies in the body are slowly declining,” Gummers explains. “They might need a third shot.”

The third shot

This will likely also apply to people who have had the AstraZeneca vaccine. “A study in England showed that AstraZeneca offers slightly less protection against the delta variant. If this causes problems in practice, these people may also receive a third dose.”

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full lock

But according to Gommers, there’s no need to fear another shutdown. “We’re good at taking action, but we find relaxation intimidating. But if you hold on to it for too long, the public won’t trust it. So it’s important that we dare now to shrink it down quickly. This is possible from now on as well. Despite the advanced delta variant, Never have to worry about a strict lockdown again.”

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