‘Grey’s Anatomy’ viewership numbers are very disappointing

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‘Grey’s Anatomy’ viewership numbers are very disappointing

The latest season of instinct anatomy is over. Series 17 immediately turned out to be the least watched finale in TV series history. However, it is still among the most watched series.

In the United States, 4.6 million people watched the final instinct anatomy. It was the worst-watched season ending in the series’ history. At the same time, these are numbers that many broadcasters will be jealous of.


Previously, the fifteenth season finale was the worst-watched in the series’ history. At the time, an average of 5.99 million Americans voted for it. Meanwhile, that number has fallen further, to historically low viewing numbers for the series.

At one point, the series really was an extreme showrunner, with more than 25 million (!) American viewers watching the season three premiere. But even with those numbers, it remains a well-watched series.

Good enough to give the series its eighteenth season. Prior to that, lead actress Elaine Pompeo and model Krista Vernoff were both back.

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