Huisartsen gaan inwoners Staphorst vaccineren (Foto: ANP / SIPA Press France)

GP Staphorst ‘misquote’ about secret vaccination: ‘A new disorder now’

In the biblical Staphorst community, taboos on vaccination are still large. “I have patients who want to be vaccinated but are afraid of society’s judgment, so I will visit their home soon to secretly give them the vaccine,” Reza Bezechki Nia told the newspaper last weekend. The letter was taken up by many media outlets and Pezeshki received a lot of questions about it. He says unjustly.

Incorrect quote

According to Reza Bezechki Nya, this quote is incorrect. “I’ve said I want to vaccinate anonymously if people don’t want to reveal their personal data to the government. And because the journalist made it ‘secret’, new troubles have arisen now and I’m sorry for that.”

The GP wants Ruffin to explain it again. Every day, Pezeshki says, he hears arguments that a number of Staphorst residents no longer trust the government.

According to him, many people want a vaccine, but they do not want it to become known. “They don’t want the community to know about it or they don’t want government agencies to know who has had the vaccine and who hasn’t.”

“Is unknown vaccination possible?”

Reza Bezechki Nia GGD asked IJsselland if he could be vaccinated without recording the details of the vaccinated person. “I would like to follow the law, so I need to know if anonymous vaccination is possible or not. If it is not allowed, it will stop. But if the GGD allows anonymous vaccination, I can help a lot of people in this municipality.”

“Everyone can come”

Pezeshki Nia has now agreed with GGD to organize an additional vaccination round next Tuesday. The GP was able to explain to GGD IJsselland that a lot of anonymous injections can be gained. “You are welcome without an appointment and without registering personal data. Anyone who wants to come can attend.” The additional round of vaccination was introduced at the request of the GP and will take place on 2 November between 11 AM and 5 PM in the Reformed Services Building in Rovin.

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In addition, there is another small group in Staphorst and Rouveen, who are skeptical that vaccination is not really an option for them. “These people are afraid and I can’t necessarily convince them, even if anonymous vaccination is possible.” The General Practitioner of Ruffin is making an appeal to the Government of The Hague in particular for this group of people.

“Government, do something about it!”

Pezeshki Nia wants to advise the government to reach out to residents. According to him, the government’s task is to enter into a dialogue to restore confidence. “Invest in good communication. Ask yourself why people don’t trust you. Even when it comes to a small group, it’s important to keep an eye on each other. So government, do something about it.” The GP was surprised not to have started ringing the bell in The Hague earlier.

Meanwhile, Reza Bezechki Nya is bound his hands and feet in the church village. “Secretly, I don’t do it because I also have to follow the law. But if I could administer vaccines anonymously, many residents would be helped, but the whole community would also be safer.”

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