Governor Cuomo Accuses Woman Of Misconduct Again |  Currently

Governor Cuomo Accuses Woman Of Misconduct Again | Currently

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo was charged with sexual harassment by a third woman on Monday. 33-year-old Anna Roach says in an interview with New York times That Cuomo put his hands on her lower back at a wedding in 2019 and asked her if he could kiss her.

Cuomo was at the wedding to congratulate the newlyweds and guests. Roach said he wanted to thank the ruler for the kind words he spoke about her friends. Then he grabbed the woman by the back and when she tried to push his hands away, he grabbed her cheeks and said that she was “aggressive”. Apparently, the paparazzi in attendance captured the moment in question Pictures From the newspaper.

He was Governor of New York last week by former employees Accused Unwanted sexual behavior. According to the women, he would have asked both sexual and personal questions. He also kissed one of them on the lips without asking him to do so in his office.

Cuomo did not substantially respond to the recent accusations. A spokesman for him referred to his previous statement, which he made in response to the first two allegations. over there She said He regrets if his behavior could be misunderstood as “unwanted flirting”.

But this explanation is not enough for his party members. A law firm will investigate the allegations at the request of the New York Attorney General.

Criticism of the governor is increasing

Cuomo’s position is under increasing pressure, now that he has been criticized for his handling of the Corona virus in his state. At the start of the crisis, Cuomo obliged nursing homes to receive recovering COVID-19 patients in order to free hospital beds. Critics say the move led to a widespread outbreak of the disease in nursing homes in New York. More than a tenth of the deaths died in US nursing homes in New York state (6,400 patients).

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Cuomo has previously received compliments for his handling of the Coronavirus. In the fall Take over He even received an Emmy Founders Award for his efforts during the Corona crisis and for his “effective communication and leadership” during his daily TV briefings. He was also nominated as a potential presidential candidate for the Democratic Party in 2024 at that time.

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