Gossip's aunt Yvonne Coldoyer falls for the BNR trap: 'I'm just a juice channel' |  gossip

Gossip’s aunt Yvonne Coldoyer falls for the BNR trap: ‘I’m just a juice channel’ | gossip

BNR Nieuwsradio recently sent an anonymous video to Coldeweijer, in which the impression emerged that Muusse had been inhaling Coke. The gossip vlogger inquired with Muusse, but he shared the video despite the former’s denials. in 1Broadcaster by day with followers in her paid Telegram group. However, Coldoyer punched his arm by saying the video might be fake.

According to BNR, the number of followers of the paid channel Coldeweiger has increased by nearly a hundred members, who pay ten euros a month to watch “exclusive” videos that are not shown on the free channel.

“Just juice”

Reacting to the progressive video, Coldweger told the news channel that she was “not an investigative journalist.” “I’m just a juice channel. If I get a video of someone sniffing, I’ll post it! It’s just juice. That’s it.”

With their campaign, both Muusse and BNR wanted to show how these juice channels work, according to the radio station’s website. The reason for the investigation is the verdict in the summary proceedings that singer Samantha Stenwick brought against Coldfire a few weeks ago. The judge then ruled that the blogger – who had invoked “journalistic source protection” – had little evidence to confirm that Stenwick had lost weight by using “illegal diet pills” and ordered her to amend.

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