Gossip talks begin summary proceedings against Televizier |  TV

Gossip talks begin summary proceedings against Televizier | TV

The series was previously removed from the selection by the organization, as it would offend groups in the community. Roos and Schouten then summoned the Televizier to include the program on Friday evening 6 PM in the selection again, but without success.

“We will not return to a qualifying venue at 6 p.m., as required. For now there will be summary proceedings. In that, we demand that we return to the roster and that the vote on the series be repeated online.” gossip.

a matter of principle

In a further reaction, Schouten lets ANNP You know that neither the lawyer who participated in the program has been contacted by Televizier about the decision gossip Do not return it to the nomination list.

“It is not just an award, it is an award in the Netherlands. But the value of the award has decreased significantly,” says Schouten. The program maker also believes that the voting process is negatively affected in this way and due to the expected bureaucracy of the issue. He thinks that gossip – should she ever return to the roster – now that she’s “already too late”, that win won’t be possible anymore. “Now only principle and honesty play a role.”

Televizier could not be reached for comment on Friday afternoon.

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