Gordon has to close the cafe even earlier than expected

Gordon has to close the cafe even earlier than expected

I was supposed to close on October 1, but we’ll be closing next Sunday, because there’s actually no one to schedule. I’ll be there to say goodbye in person and it won’t be easy. But I know I can be proud of what I’ve accomplished. And that I have proven all those bad balls of vinegar differently, that is, if you follow your heart and hold on to your dreams, they can also come true’, pens (ex) singers.

Gordon saw his dream and his nightmare come true. It started as a dream come true: my catering business and my village too! I put my heart and soul into it and it was a resounding success! We are now eight years later, and I am compelled to close the place, simply because there is no one to keep it open. It survived Covid and in that time saw a 30 percent increase in sales due to delivery and collection options.

Tissue passed through Gordon. Deep disappointment, but my tears are now dry. I leave my job with my head held high, giving so many people a job and making so many people happy with my coffee and my delicious dishes and cakes.

Still, there are concerns for the presenter. I’m worried about the Netherlands, because where should this go? 10% on minimum wage? Where should we count it? Making coffee after 5 euros?

Gordon is optimistic about the future. “Maybe one door closes on Sunday, but I know two more doors will reopen! never give up! stay strong!!! take the chance“.

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Gordon lost not only his café, but also more than 20 kilograms of weight. You can see more about that in the video below.

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