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Google will have a 24-hour waiting period before app ratings and reviews are published in the Play Store. With this measure, the company wants to combat misleading app reviews.

Developer Esper Mishaal Rahman Discover Announcing the new waiting time on the Play Store. The notice states that Google wants to use the waiting period to detect and possibly remove misleading reviews. It will be possible for developers to read and then answer the app reviews that have already been submitted. Both the review and the answer will only be published in the Reviews section of the Google Play Store after the waiting period.

end of last year Google decided It will only show Play Store users ratings and reviews from other users from the same country. And early this year, users of devices like Android tablets, wearables, and Chromebooks will only see reviews for these devices. Changes were also made to the Play Console at the time, allowing developers to gain more insight into user ratings for each device.

Google announces the waiting time for the Google Play Store

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