Google tightens Chrome Web Store security rules in the fight against malware – Computer – News

Google has introduced new rules for Chrome Web Store developers to combat spam and malware across the App Store. They are stricter rules regarding security and trust, and they are mainly intended to deceive.

For example, multiple Chrome extensions are no longer allowed to be served as part of the same installation flow and extensions are no longer allowed to use other extensions or apps appendix. This should prevent anyone from installing the second extension that collects data in the background, even if the user has uninstalled the original extension.

Also, developers will no longer be allowed to publish multiple extensions that are very similar in terms of “functionality, content, and user experience,” the company said in an email to developers. Picked up by XDA Developers. Google now sees this as a form of spam. For example, developers can no longer publish many nearly identical backend extensions.

In addition, developers should be clear about the functionality offered by the application and the user should not get lost in a mountain of inappropriate texts. Additionally, the user experience should match what users can expect when they see the app in the Store. It is also not allowed to compel users with an action to unlock the advertised access.

Finally, starting August 2, when these new rules are implemented, it will be mandatory for developers to enable two-step verification on their accounts. Without 2fa, developers will no longer be able to publish or upload apps and extensions that violate the new rules, and they will be removed from the Store and disabled in Chrome.

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